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Clemco-Elite Standard Systems
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CLEMCO-ELITE Standard Systems are proven successful products:  in-wall recessed standards and display studs for superior interior wall design and in-wall display systems.  Let your interior wall space design work better for you by using the Clemco-Elite steel stud and recessed standard products.  These in-wall display systems are versatile, economical, and strong.  
Manufacturer of RECESSED WALL STANDARDS and specially designed and assembled STEEL STUDS and RECESSED STANDARDS
Clemco-Elite Standard Systems ® 9131 BERMUDEZ ST, PICO RIVERA, CA  90660,  562-949-2535

The CLEMCO-ELITE (CE) steel studs and recessed standards are used extensively by retailers to display merchandise.  The steel studs and recessed standards are installed during new store construction or remodeling.  Only a narrow slot is visible after complete construction.  The recessed standard in-wall slots accept shelf and hang rail brackets, straight and waterfall face outs, and other merchandising hardware without their supporting structure being visible.  This delivers all focus to the merchandise being displayed in a beautiful and appealing manner.    
Clemco-Elite (CE) steel stud and recessed standard systems are better because:
  • Many choices and combination of choices
  • The CE 3-5/8" Display Stud is International Building Code compliant as validated by ICC-ES (the most widely accepted and trusted evaluation service) via ESR Report 3368
  • The CE recessed standard can be used with the specially fabricated CE Studs or with studs by others
  • As a manufacturer of many years experience, we ensure superior USA made products and service
  • Our lead times are usually faster than others and our experienced staff will help you with placing your order, determine lead time, and estimate shipping costs and transit time
  • Our steel studs and recessed standard products 
           are used domestically and internationally
Walls with CE steel studs 
and recessed standards.
Clemco-Elite = CE = Continuing Excellence